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Know Theresa

Everybody has a story because everybody comes from somewhere. Personal challenges often carry foreboding feelings of a losing battle. However, it doesn't have to be that way. I believe that children can be empowered by real life stories that carry an impact with positive, incidental learning. When stories touch the heart or make meaningful connections, then that learning experience will carry immeasurable value for years to come.

I speak from the heart. I speak from experience.
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Theresa had a lot to prove not only to the medical profession but to the bullies, teachers at school and her protective mother.

Only through true grit, fierce determination and the ability to laugh at herself has she been able to drive the message home that there is more to “The Theresa Package” than meets the eye.

Theresa offers inspiring stories about getting over the impossible, proving that if you want something bad enough, you’ll figure out a way to get it.

Theresa is no stranger to pain, whether it be body or mind. A silent war fuelled by constant pain is a constant companion that Theresa works to keep control of.

To contact Theresa Moleski to come speak at your work, club or special event, please email her at contacttheresa@theresamoleski.com or find her at LinkedIn.

So You Think You're a Train Wreck

Theresa's audiences will soon realize that everyone has their own hidden “train wreck” in which they try hard to fix, hide or deny. Theresa will share some of her personal stories about being born

Discover Your Super Power

Everybody has a story because everybody comes from some where. Writing down thoughts, feeling or problems has shown to be very therapeutic in spiritual and personal growth.

Bully Management

Theresa is no stranger to adversity and being picked out and picked on. Audiences will hear stories from her personal experiences of being bullied not only by school kids but from teachers and bosses.

Whispering Stones

Theresa has always been taken by colour and nature. It's no wonder that stones have been a quiet fascination of hers. Ever since Theresa was able to walk she found strength and beauty in rocks