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Seeds were deeply planted

There will always be someone in your childhood that sticks out in your mind. Maybe that person is someone who you admired, or maybe he was royal pain in the butt and your memory can’t seem to bury it deep enough to forget. John Mclay was like that. To this day, I can tell you exactly what he looked like even though the last time I saw him was when I was… I don’t know, nine-ten maybe? John, to me wasn’t a bad looking boy. He had clear creamy skin with rosy colored cheecks and blond hair that sparkled in the sun. I liked his smile because it showed his straight white teeth. Now, for his personality. Come here John. I want to introduce the world to you. World, this is John. John Mclay. John’s strengths are spit ball shooting where seldom he misses his mark, mainly the back of my head or any part of my body. John is vocal with both belching and flatulence, his specialty. Comprehension for Canadian manners? Not so much. In gym class he seldom missed the opportunity to point out the fact that I had been picked, last-again. Thank you John. John is allergic to anyone physically touching him unless it’s a boy and they are wrestling or playing on the playground. God help him if he has to stand beside me. Apparently God didn’t care much how I felt being around him because my prayers were never answered, when I begged for John Mclay to get swallowed up by the Earth or struck by lightening. These were the lost wishes made just so I wouldn’t have to listen to him insult me, hit me or team up with the other boys who went to great lengths to remind me what a complete freak […]

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The day I stood up

I was on a field trip with my grade four class. We were on our way to Calgary Alberta but stopped for a picnic at a park. The weather was warm and refreshing, not like the Ice Fields we visited the day before where I was certain my toes were going to turn black and fall off due to the wicked cold. I wasn’t smart enough to dress appropriately for the extreme weather. I was excited to have been given permission to go on the two week field trip with my grade four class. A family had agreed to take me in even though I wore a back-brace that I could neither get in or out of by myself. As with most kids who are different in some way, I had no trouble sticking out in a crowd. My stiff jerky movements and my robotic like cage that wrapped around me, made me a target for a few boys that seemingly had nothing better to do than to knock on my brace, as though I were a door, then run away. I couldn’t make them stop bugging me or hitting me. How could I? They were stronger than me. I was used to the teasing and could usually see it coming well before their ugly words funneled my ears. While on the field trip, our bus pulled over and let us out at a park. We were so excited to get off the road and go run and play. Everyone scattered across the green rolling hills. I hurried over to the swing set and quickly seated myself on a wooden swing. It didn’t take melong to get swinging and pumping as high as I could. My hair was long and golden in the sunlight, and I loved the way it […]

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