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Discover Your Super Power

No matter who you are, you have a super power that is just waiting to be let out of the closet.


Everybody has a story because everybody comes from some where. Writing down thoughts, feeling or problems has shown to be very therapeutic in spiritual and personal growth. Many people fear the thought of writing down words on paper. Maybe they don’t know how or they don’t think they are any good at it, so why bother?

In this workshop Theresa offers a fun and interactive way to knock down those walls that keep you from trying something new.

Theresa has been a professional writer for nearly two decades and will show you a few creative tricks to the writing trade. Theresa will share a few of her personal stories from when she was a school girl and the many challenges she faced just trying to hold a pencil let alone use it for writing.

This is a fun workshop! The audience will find their senses to be awakened and stimulated with intriguing props and writing prompts. There will be a chance to share written work with the class.

This workshop is a “must have, must try,” for both students of all ages and teacher’s professional development days.

What People Are Saying:

  • “This course should be offered to all teachers.”
  • “I loved writing like this!”
  • “My students are excited to write short stories because of you Theresa. Thank you!”

Course Content Includes:

  • Five tips to enrich your writing
  • How to make money from your short stories
  • A lasting learning moment
  • Class interaction and hands on learning with props

Satisfied Customers Include:

Pampered Chef Kitchen Consultants, Elementary School Children, Teachers, Life Coaches, High School Kids and teachers, Members of the community at large, Mental Health Workers, Special Interest Groups, Private Sector, Libraries and Radio Listeners.