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theresamoleski._servicesTheresa Moleski has earned a reputation as being a highly inspirational speaker and storyteller. From the day she was born, Theresa has overcome great odds and physical challenges. Theresa was never expected to walk or live past the age of sixteen. Her physical challenges are what fuels her self-determination, motivation, humour and creativity to get any job done. She inspires her audiences with her rich stories, true grit and undeniable, “I Can Do It” disposition. Audiences of all ages are left with the gift of insight, new problem solving skills, motivation, and the belief that they too can make a difference in the way people see people.

Theresa has spent a life time sharing her stories with just friends and family. Finally, through years of persistent friends, family and complete strangers encouraging her to share her stories, Theresa is now considered one of the most memorable storytellers and speakers around.

Theresa laughs and says, “I feel like I’m coming out of the closet. Lol! Gigs up! I’m not normal! But hey, who is?” she adds with a shrug.

Theresa’s presentations and keynote speeches promise to be impact-full, humourous and loaded with incidental learning that will have people thinking beyond their own personal limitations for years to come.

Keynotes, Presentations, and Workshops

Satisfied Customers Include:

Pampered Chef Kitchen Consultants, Elementary School Children, Teachers, Life Coaches, High School Kids and teachers, Members of the community at large, Mental Health Workers, Special Interest Groups, Private Sector, Libraries and Radio Listeners, writers and agents.