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So You Think You’re a Train Wreck

This presentation promises to be humorous, interactive and inspiring with a POW for self- reevaluation.

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Theresa’s audiences will soon realize that everyone has their own hidden “train wreck” in which they try hard to fix, hide or deny. Theresa will share some of her personal stories about being born and considered by the medical profession as a “Train Wreck since birth.”

Theresa will share a few of her personal stories about the multiple barriers she’s faced with day to day, moment to moment challenges in what she calls, “The Theresa Package.”

Theresa will share how she over came many of her medical predictions and how she moved forward to get her where she stands today.

Theresa will share professional insights as both a writer and an Early Childhood Educator with humour and audience participation.

What People Are Saying:

  • “What a powerful speaker!’
  • “Theresa definitely walks the walk and talks the talk!”
  • “Theresa owned the stage and everybody’s attention the entire presentation.”
  • “Theresa has the ability to make me believe I Can Do It Too!”

Presentation Content Includes:

  • Audience Participation
  • Tips for handling self-doubt, personal walls and excuses
  • Tips on Point of View and problem solving hints

Satisfied Customers Include:

Pampered Chef Kitchen Consultants, Elementary School Children, Teachers, Life Coaches, High School Kids and teachers, Members of the community at large, Mental Health Workers, Special Interest Groups, Private Sector, Libraries and Radio Listeners.