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Hi Theresa
I enjoyed your speech last night specially your presentation. So exited and looking forward to see you every month to learn more from your experience.

Navneet Bains

During Theresa Moleski’s classroom presentation at Discovery Elementary School and Mary Jane Shannon Elementary School where I worked, I found her to be very confident and competent while working with the children.

The students and various teachers were thrilled to listen to Theresa’s personal stories about some of the challenges she’s had to overcome just to learn to walk and ride a bike. Her positive attitude and fun sense of humour kept everyone engaged in her presentation.

I highly recommend Theresa Moleski for school presentations. She has a rich story content and has a lot of well worth messages to share.

Yours Sincerely, Cindy Gomm Teacher

Theresa Moleski has always been a big inspiration for me. Her cheerful disposition and sunny smile are the first things you notice. She is always there to lend a hand or an ear or a shoulder if you need it. Then you might notice that she is a little wobbly in the balance department. When you ask, she’ll offhandly reply, yes, my feet don’t work quite right. My mother was told that I would probably never walk but here I am. I can ride a bike and drive a car. I’m a lucky girl. It took her a longer than average to do these milestones but she is one determined lady. I spent a lot of time with her when her daughter Katie was a baby. Instead of complaining how hard a birth it was and how big her daughter was, Theresa would say that Katie was born the perfect size. Theresa felt she wasn’t as gentle as a baby required but she was. Still, it shows what a positive attitude Theresa has toward everything. She is grateful for all that family and friends bring to her life. She is the party queen of her social set and is always thinking up great ideas for parties. She has all the intelligence of an adult and all the wisdom of a child. She has an amazing imagination. She has a soft spot for rogues and for the kids that people overlook. She knows what that is like and does her best to bring out the best in every child. Theresa’s Whispering Stones are a reflection of all that she is. She is an artist and an artisan and a wise woman.

Tami D Menzies

“It was very inspiring listening to what you have been through in your life. You are confident, clear and matter of fact. I admire you. Thank you for sharing it.”

By Roshme Azeez

“Theresa speaks spontaneously and courageously.”

Dirk Featherstone

“Wow! Great Life. Great speech. Very succinct, but thorough. I was very moved by it. Your strength and control were wonderful. I was inspired. Thank You.”

Valerie AdolphWriter/Speaker

“You have touched me with your story. I could feel your emotion and sincerity. Thank you for sharing.”

Thuong RiddickTeacher/ Writer

“Great humorous speech. My son Yassin loved it. Thank you for sharing.”

Rachida ElaroussiFinancial Planner

“Theresa, you were amazing. It was so interesting to hear you and the twist in your story was a real Wow! Well done.”

Tinku Parmar

“That was an excellent, winning speech. I loved every bit it. You owned the floor. You reached out to the audience. We were with you throughout your cycling experience.”

Greg BrownFinancial Adviser

“I loved your energy, gestures, vocal variety and facial expressions. Very Vivid pictures. Love what you keep doing every time you deliver a speech, impromptu or prepared. Well done!”

Carol CarterTeam and Leadership Transformer…GetThrival

Theresa- Inspiring! Refreshing! Honest! And Endearing! Strong Positive message for all. Great Presentation!

Sherry-Anne WalkerWriter

I have known Theresa since I was 14 and consider her not to be my best friend but my life friend. She was a friend of my sister’s and lived just down the street from us growing up. Unfortunately my sister wasn’t a very good friend and when Theresa came knocking on the door one day to hang out with her my sister didn’t want to…so I did and I am so glad I did. I have seen Theresa go through so much in her life and the fact that through all the bad or painful parts I never saw her down about it…she was always so tough and so strong…she inspires me and humbles me everytime I think of her. She was always game to do it all…from cruising the streets in what ever car I had to a road trip to Panarama…and we didn’t ski…lol…to sharing her stories with me…nothing slowed her down…well she was late a lot but that was just her…lol…but I have to say that out of everything that she has done I would say the most proud was when she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I honestly didn’t think her body would let her get pregnant let along have a baby. Theresa and her body had been through so many hard surgeries that I didn’t think God had that in store for her. I’m so glad he did and I’m so glad she did. Theresa from the first time I met you I realized that I was blessed to have you in my life. Love you…<~Theresa

Bev Fergusson

Bev wrote: “So proud of you Theresa for being brave enough to relive those terrible moments in your life with others. My son also wore a back brace in school for 2 1/2 years. He was bullied just terrible and 6 years later he still has trouble talking about it and how much it hurt him. I see there is hope.”

Bev Moleski

Hi Theresa

Once again, thank you so much for being the test speaker at tonight’s contest.

Your speech was inspirational and your willingness to be a test speaker exhibits your leadership within Toastmasters.

Hopefully we will have an opportunity to meet again.

Best wishes as you continue your inspiring work.


Oh Theresa: the fact that you’re still alive is all the credibility you need. Your grittiness and guttiness and drive and resolution says everything about you.

“Jack Remick”

“Very proud of you Theresa. Not surprised by your resourcefulness but still very proud. You are a rock to many people. Thanks for being there for everyone. Hugs.”

Casey Skidmore