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Whispering Stones

Theresa has always been taken by colour and nature. It’s no wonder that stones have been a quiet fascination of hers. Ever since Theresa was able to walk she found strength and beauty in rocks that she’d collect on her walks.
As the years rolled by, one stone lead to another and then another and then to another until a brilliant idea washed over her. Like many before her, Theresa thought she would collect interesting stones and paint cute little cottages or sweet cuddly animals on the rocks.

Sadly, Theresa was not excited or proud of her efforts. However, her daughter and friends loved sharing their attempts to paint stones with her that day.

Years later, Theresa found an interesting shaped stone on the beach. Instead of throwing it back into the rippling ocean, she decided to carry it home with her. Theresa found comfort and an odd sense of strength from that little stone she held in her hand.

Hours later, Theresa took that same stone from her pocket and began to draw the characters from the children’s picture book she had written and illustrated.

Again, one idea lead to another and Theresa found herself completely engrossed with painting stones and this time she loved it!

Before she knew it, there were well over one hundred, THEN two hundred, which soon led to several hundred more cute, original hand painted stones. The more Theresa painted the more interesting and visually appealing her stones became; not just to her but to friends and family that she allowed to come in and take a look. Soon people were offering ideas as to what she should do with them all.

Theresa continued to paint rocks, ideas and possibilities began to fill her mind. Due to a series of major surgeries, Theresa was forced to take stock of her life and reinvent a new job for herself.

As a test pilot, Theresa decided to do a few school visits and share her unpublished book “Charlie-Ray’s New Colors” with elementary school aged children. After each presentation or workshop, Theresa left behind one of her hand painted stones which she calls Memory Stones for the teachers and students. As another test pilot, Theresa began to give away her painted rocks to people she barely knew or had no relations to at all. This scared Theresa although she wasn’t sure why at first. Then like a light switch she understood why she was feeling so unsure about the beautiful art she was creating and offering to others for free. It was the fear of being rejected, not good enough, what’s the point? what would I do with a painted stupid rock? . That was the negative false talk she heard. They were false negatives which she believed to be true.All those scary insecure feelings of being thought of as not good enough, not smart enough and so on were being quickly snuffed out by other comments. Comments like, “Wow! This is gorgeous! You painted these? Amazing artwork! Can I buy one? Will you make me one? Did you write this message on the back too? Wow! These are truly inspirational!”

Theresa claims to this day that the stones tell her what to write on the back of each one. It’s no wonder she calls her new company and her rocks WHISPERING STONES.

Theresa continues to paint all her stones by hand. They each WHISPERING STONE carries a special, deep meaningful message. Theresa believes that each tell us what we all need to hear.

Theresa encourages you to pick up her WHISPERING STONES and see which stone speaks to you.